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Feather Lashes

These photos are from one of my favorite books in my collection, “Disco Chic: All the Styles, Steps and Places to Go” published in 1979.  Inside is a treasure of top tips for the right clothing to wear, the right dance moves to make and best of all- a whole chapter on makeup.  Not only are there instructions for highlighting and contouring (very important for this era), but also included are fun fantasy  ideas.  I love these feather lash looks from 33 years ago because back then, one had to buy feathers and glue them on individually whereas today, ready-made versions are available everywhere.

Rainbow Room

I have dreams about being in this place all the time.  Biba’s Rainbow Room restaurant and nightclub was a hangout for rock stars and other cool types back in the 70’s.  This multicolor ceiling set the mood for hundreds of nights of fabulosity and I long to step into a time machine for just one of them.  If you don’t already own a book about the legendary Biba store, you must get one immediately because the images will knock your fishnet stockings off!  Designer Barbara Hulanicki created not just a store, but a glamorous world that also offered “an experience” and basically invented what we know today as lifestyle marketing.


Rudi Gernreich

This photo is from “The Rudi Gernreich Book” and shows some of his 1965 Resort Wear Collection.  Gernreich was known for his fashion forward clothing  which used shapes, colors and non-traditional materials in new and exciting ways.   While it’s filled with many inspiring images of his designs- modeled mostly by his muse, Peggy Moffit- this is one of my favorites due to my love of all things plexiglass.  These ultra fabulous sun visors were made by accessories designer Layne Nielson and were the perfect compliment to Gernreich’s futuristic vision.  Even today, I think these outfits would cause quite a stir on the beach, don’t you?


Vintage Swim Caps

Now that we’ve finally entered summer, it’s time to focus on what’s really important this season- vintage swim caps!  Back when women invested lots of time in rollers sets, swim caps were not just a fabulous fashion statement but a necessary part of glamour maintenance.  I think today’s woman spends equally as much time, if not more so, on hair color and styling processes so why not help them last longer with “Old Hollywood” style?   Some brands to search for are Kleinert’s, Jantzen and Playtex which you can find on cool specialty sites like Glamoursurf as well as from various sellers on Etsy, but act fast because they sell quickly!   There are even “retro style” caps being manufactured today which give a similar look and feel without the higher price tag.  Just be sure and do some research because they can often be mislabeled and you don’t want to pay vintage prices for something that really only costs around $12 – 14.

Above are some hot styles from Glamoursurf and below from various sellers on Etsy (LOVE the hot pink cap with fab 60’s original box from DrStrangeGoods!)

Below are some adorable retro style caps that come in lots of fun colors available at www.allswim.com