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Vivacious Violet

It’s no secret that I love purple, which is why Three Custom Color asked me to create the new shade for their violet story.  This was a especially fun for me because I also got to act as creative director for the project in addition to designing the makeup.  One of the goals was to incorporate existing products from this color family while creating something that’s pretty and wearable by real women.  This monochromatic look uses all of my favorite products and is topped it off with the newest one- Vivacious Violet lip gloss.   It’s just like they say,  “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Indeed!

The Color of Spring

Last week I had the honor of being guest blogger for the Color Association of the United States and my post was about- what else… lipstick!  It included mention of the legendary Coco Pink, touched on my personal love of hot pink in general and noted my overwhelming joy that luscious blue-pinks are all the rage this Spring. However, since I didn’t get around to mentioning products in this category, I am inspired to follow up now with some fabulous choices.

Nothing says sweet like a pinky cheek that leans to the blue side and shown here are two of my favorites.  “Pink Hyacinth” Watercolor from Three Custom Color has a balmy texture for instant inner glow and Lorac’s Baked Matte Satin Blush in “Flaunt” has just the right amount of silky sheen for a soft and sexy highlight.  For lips, nothing but full intensity works for me and these shades suit my ever changing moods.  From left to right they are “Bora Bora” from Three Custom Color, Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense “36”, Maybelline Color Sensational “Fuchsia Fever” 140 and Sephora’s Lip Attitude in  GO8.   Okay, so that last one is not HOT pink, but it deserves special mention because this lovely “lilac-pink” is one of my absolute favorites. Not just for the color, but also for the juicy texture and it’s the closest I’ll ever  come to wearing nude!

Sweet Cherry!

Last month I decided what I need for 2011 is Cherry lips and the only version I’m interested in is that sweet place between red and hot pink that’s so bright it hurts the eyes.  Luckily for me, I didn’t have to search for my dream shade because being a color specialist for Three Custom Color allows me the awesome privilege of making colors when I need them, which for me, is usually pretty urgently. To get my desired shade of Cherry, in addition to the main colorants,  I threw in some day-glo pigment and a splash of violet shimmer to take it just where I want it-   ELECTRIC!

Welcome to Marisaland!

Marisaland has been the name of my website since it was first created and it’s only now, with the addition of this blog, that the true meaning is realized.  It’s the word I’ve always used to describe where I’m coming from, the world as I see it and the elements that make me tick.  Wanting to share these things is what finally made me enter the blogosphere, so I hope you enjoy this “peek inside”.  Here, you can look forward to reading about all my favorites and anything else that strikes my fancy.   The timing also couldn’t be better, as today celebrates the launch of   “Party All The Time”,  the holiday eyeshadow I created for Three Custom Color Specialists.  This shade was designed for the girl that needs to move easily from day into night, from work into party-  and that’s something we take very seriously here in Marisaland.  Welcome!

for more info: www.threecustom.com