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Welcome to Marisaland!

Marisaland has been the name of my website since it was first created and it’s only now, with the addition of this blog, that the true meaning is realized.  It’s the word I’ve always used to describe where I’m coming from, the world as I see it and the elements that make me tick.  Wanting to share these things is what finally made me enter the blogosphere, so I hope you enjoy this “peek inside”.  Here, you can look forward to reading about all my favorites and anything else that strikes my fancy.   The timing also couldn’t be better, as today celebrates the launch of   “Party All The Time”,  the holiday eyeshadow I created for Three Custom Color Specialists.  This shade was designed for the girl that needs to move easily from day into night, from work into party-  and that’s something we take very seriously here in Marisaland.  Welcome!

for more info: www.threecustom.com