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Makeup Flower

One of my favorite things about beauty stories in magazines is the images of  slices, smears, drips and blobs of the makeup shades that are often included in the spread.  I love seeing the all various textures before my eyes, beckoning me to reach out and touch them.  And when a magical glimmer of sparkle shines through, it’s just like heaven.

“Makeup Flower” made using MAC Paint Sticks, Kryolan SupraColor UV Cream and glitter.


Issey Miyake

I’m in the process of writing a research paper on Issey Miyake and so excited that my first stop for information is my very own library and a book by Mark Holborn on this innovative designer.   The bright colors and the blurred focus of this photo make it my favorite of the of the “Flying Saucer” dress from the Spring/Summer 1994 collection.   In its unworn state, it looked somewhat like a flattened lantern and artfully fit over the body like a slinky.

Mily Makeup Simply Liners

If you’ve ever been late to a party because you were trying to get that edgy graphic eyeliner perfect, give Mily Makeup‘s Simply Liners a try.  They’re made from a flexible tape that easily bends to the eye shape and they’re also reusable so you can play with placement to get the exact look you want.  Not shown here is the all black set, but- no surprise- I’m partial to this brightly colored collection.

Fashion Illustration In New York

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from “marisaland” as, in addition to my makeup and color work, I also have design and research projects so it’s been a bit hectic. However, I recently picked up an out-of-print copy of “Fashion Illustration in New York” by Pater Sato from 1985 and I immediately had to share.  I’ve always had a passion for this art form and this collection, from a time when illustrations were used in advertising just as much as models, is a true gem.  The image above by Mats Gustavson is one of my favorites, not only because I’m fond of red and purple as a color combination, but the black background has me totally captivated.  Of course, being the makeup junkie I am, I’m also completely smitten with these colorful beauty illustrations.

artist credits from top:  1, 2 &3 by David Croland, 4 & 5 by  Mats Gustavson


Aside from makeup, my other true love is music and when the two are paired together to create something fantastic- I’m in heaven.  That’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw this video performance of “Lipstique”.   No real lyrics, just shades of lipstick (my favorite product!) spoken over a hypnotic beat while  various drag performers put on their faces.   The transformations alone are worth watching it for, as this type of application is a special talent all it’s own- but the combination of all the elements together makes it extra fabulous.

Kryolan Variety Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had my eye on this Kryolan Variety Eye Shadow palette in “Bright” since I  saw it last May at The Makeup Show and I’ve been waiting patiently for the perfect reason to justify my purchase.  When recently, an opportunity came up to work on an opera, the first thing on my to “do list” was to buy this palette!   I’m so glad I finally did as inside this compact case are 18 highly pigmented and fabulously matte bright shades- perfect for elaborate theatrical makeup as well for edgy fashion looks.


Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette


I bought this Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette for my own personal makeup stash.  The fact that it has a bit of everything makes it perfect for my upcoming vacation because I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in and this will make packing so much easier!  Living in this lovely purple box are high pigment brights, shimmering neutrals and the darkest matte black which is required for those unexpected rock n’ roll moments.  The quality, as always, is exceptional and at only $55, it’s less than 4 bucks a shade.  FABULOUS!


Lipstick Rainbow

I’ve posted about Lime Crime lipsticks before, but I just couldn’t resist doing it again when I saw the Lipstick Rainbow!  This 13 shade set contains an exciting range of colors that include everything from the more wearable nude, red and pink to the more “dare-able”  yellow, blue and mint green.  Personally,  I never say “NO” to a dare and for only $188, why should I?


These gorgeous illustrations are only one reason I love “Making Up” by Rex (makeup artist Rex Hilverdink) published in 1986.  While older books might have dated information trend-wise, they offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to corrective techniques- which is really what distinguishes between a good makeup application and an amazing one.  I especially adore “Rex’s Realistic Beauty Rules” because, while I personally don’t believe in rules,  I find these two right up my alley.  Call me old fashioned, but I’ll never understand the notion that you must choose either the eyes or lips as the focus (NEVER!) and of course, anyone who thinks being predictable is a look that “really goes with nothing” is working an attitude I can only admire!

Lime Crime Lipsticks

I cannot get enough of Doe Deere, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns. She is beyond adorable and her flair for using color in daring ways has me doing rainbow headstands!  Shown here are lipsticks from her brand, Lime Crime , and they are just as scrumptious as they look-  full coverage and full WOW!