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Last Dance of Betsy McCall

I’ve mentioned before in this blog my affection for dolls, so when I recently came across an old project from an Adobe After Effects class I took at the School of Visual Arts,  I thought I would share it.  While it’s a bit simplistic overall and certainly no match for Blythe Theater, it does say a lot about me and my general sensibilities.  With art being so subjective, I did get some mixed interpretations as to what this piece might be about and some even thought it was sad or scary. Can you imagine?  That’s so far off of my intention which was a story about a doll (played by the vintage Betsy McCall)  who gets to experience the joy of one last dance with her friends who have all gone on to broken doll heaven-  in a fabulous Busby Berkeley kind of way,  but I’m sure you get that.

Music is “Per Sempre”by the Friends of Dean Martinez