Vintage Packaging Themes

I love vintage packaging so when, on my most recent visit to the archives,  I noticed some similar themes happening, was inspired to group them together and take some photos.







Priti Summer Rave

The “Summer Rave” nail color kit from Priti NYC captures everything we love about summer in these four yummy shades and while there are several fabulous collections on their website, this one is easily my favorite.  Who could resist this combination of a happy yellow, exciting hot pink, soothing sea blue and energetic orange put together by the the beauty experts at Refinery 29?  Aside from gorgeous colors, these polishes are also non-toxic and formaldehyde free so they’re safe to use when you feel like giving your little ones matching manicures. Plus, it’s quite a bargain as individually, each shade goes for  12.50 so it’s like getting one free and that’s always sweet!

Totally Awesome 80’s

Looking through my home library is hours of fun no matter what I’m researching, but there’s no doubt  I’m partial to the 80’s and “winged” eyeshadow.   Extending color past the natural lid is a great way to add drama to your eyes so why not try it for your next party?  Shown here are photos from “The Complete Beauty Book” published in 1985, which means there’s no shortage of over-the-top makeup ideas inside.

By the way, I also must confess my undying love for “press-on nails” because to me, they are just the same as putting on a pair of heels or lashes.  My heart broke when Revlon discontinued theirs because they had the best, and although they still make “glue-on’s”,  I just can’t be bothered dealing with nail glue and I also haven’t found any others I like as much.  So, instead, I’m waiting patiently for someone to introduce new and improved versions which will hopefully include stylish oval tips and, if my inside sources are correct, it won’t be long!

Vintage Swim Caps

Now that we’ve finally entered summer, it’s time to focus on what’s really important this season- vintage swim caps!  Back when women invested lots of time in rollers sets, swim caps were not just a fabulous fashion statement but a necessary part of glamour maintenance.  I think today’s woman spends equally as much time, if not more so, on hair color and styling processes so why not help them last longer with “Old Hollywood” style?   Some brands to search for are Kleinert’s, Jantzen and Playtex which you can find on cool specialty sites like Glamoursurf as well as from various sellers on Etsy, but act fast because they sell quickly!   There are even “retro style” caps being manufactured today which give a similar look and feel without the higher price tag.  Just be sure and do some research because they can often be mislabeled and you don’t want to pay vintage prices for something that really only costs around $12 – 14.

Above are some hot styles from Glamoursurf and below from various sellers on Etsy (LOVE the hot pink cap with fab 60’s original box from DrStrangeGoods!)

Below are some adorable retro style caps that come in lots of fun colors available at

Last Dance of Betsy McCall

I’ve mentioned before in this blog my affection for dolls, so when I recently came across an old project from an Adobe After Effects class I took at the School of Visual Arts,  I thought I would share it.  While it’s a bit simplistic overall and certainly no match for Blythe Theater, it does say a lot about me and my general sensibilities.  With art being so subjective, I did get some mixed interpretations as to what this piece might be about and some even thought it was sad or scary. Can you imagine?  That’s so far off of my intention which was a story about a doll (played by the vintage Betsy McCall)  who gets to experience the joy of one last dance with her friends who have all gone on to broken doll heaven-  in a fabulous Busby Berkeley kind of way,  but I’m sure you get that.

Music is “Per Sempre”by the Friends of Dean Martinez

Bdellium Brushes

I was recently at  The Makeup Show in NYC and with so many new brands and vendors there, I tried hard to stay focused and only get what I really needed. Most importantly, I told myself, “Do NOT buy any makeup brushes” as an inventory last week yielded a count of 305.  However, once I layed eyes on these adorable Green Bambu brushes from bdellium, I just couldnt resist.  Not only are they green in color, but also in the eco-sense as the handles are sustainable bamboo and the hair is an ultra soft synthetic which means they’re vegan and cruelty free.  However, it’s the various shapes and sizes that really made me want them because they’re perfect for blending and shading seamlessly.

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

If I could have one wish this year, it would be to look just like this ad for Chanel’s Summer 2011 makeup collection.   I must have this most perfect shade of pink accented here by a pop of yellow and framed in the dreamiest of blues.  Oh- and the flawless face, sultry windblown hair,  stunning green eyes and luscious lips wouldn’t hurt either.  Simply gorgeous.

Color: A Natural History of the Palette

Victoria Finlay’s “Color: A Natural History of the Palette” is an amazing book and it not only changed the way I look at color visually, but how I value it both in a literal and spiritual sense.  It’s  truly difficult to imagine that in our modern world filled with technology, where we can create almost anything with a computer, that we cannot always make or reproduce some colors.  That’s where this book begins- with the realization of that moment by a curious little girl.

When she was only 8 years old, Ms. Finlay was on a trip with her father visiting an old cathedral.  While he is telling her about the stained glass windows being made 800 years ago, he also says,  “and today we don’t know how to make that blue.” That shocking moment stayed with her until years later, still curious, she decided to explore places like Australia, Chile, Mexico and Afghanistan to find out where color really comes from.   What she learns and shares is beyond fascinating and  like I said- you will never look at color the same way again.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are usually just a technical need in the art of hairstyling, but I prefer to make them decorative.  Any time I’m passing by a 99 cent store, I pop in because they often have some in various colors and on a really lucky day, with sparkles!  The key is to use as many pins as possible so there is no mistake that they’re a fashion accessory.  Depending on my mood, sometimes I go with all one color, other times I mix it up.  However, for more chic moments, I like all white pins for their severe contrast against my jet back hair.

The Color of Spring

Last week I had the honor of being guest blogger for the Color Association of the United States and my post was about- what else… lipstick!  It included mention of the legendary Coco Pink, touched on my personal love of hot pink in general and noted my overwhelming joy that luscious blue-pinks are all the rage this Spring. However, since I didn’t get around to mentioning products in this category, I am inspired to follow up now with some fabulous choices.

Nothing says sweet like a pinky cheek that leans to the blue side and shown here are two of my favorites.  “Pink Hyacinth” Watercolor from Three Custom Color has a balmy texture for instant inner glow and Lorac’s Baked Matte Satin Blush in “Flaunt” has just the right amount of silky sheen for a soft and sexy highlight.  For lips, nothing but full intensity works for me and these shades suit my ever changing moods.  From left to right they are “Bora Bora” from Three Custom Color, Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense “36”, Maybelline Color Sensational “Fuchsia Fever” 140 and Sephora’s Lip Attitude in  GO8.   Okay, so that last one is not HOT pink, but it deserves special mention because this lovely “lilac-pink” is one of my absolute favorites. Not just for the color, but also for the juicy texture and it’s the closest I’ll ever  come to wearing nude!