Feather Lashes

These photos are from one of my favorite books in my collection, “Disco Chic: All the Styles, Steps and Places to Go” published in 1979.  Inside is a treasure of top tips for the right clothing to wear, the right dance moves to make and best of all- a whole chapter on makeup.  Not only are there instructions for highlighting and contouring (very important for this era), but also included are fun fantasy  ideas.  I love these feather lash looks from 33 years ago because back then, one had to buy feathers and glue them on individually whereas today, ready-made versions are available everywhere.

Rainbow Room

I have dreams about being in this place all the time.  Biba’s Rainbow Room restaurant and nightclub was a hangout for rock stars and other cool types back in the 70’s.  This multicolor ceiling set the mood for hundreds of nights of fabulosity and I long to step into a time machine for just one of them.  If you don’t already own a book about the legendary Biba store, you must get one immediately because the images will knock your fishnet stockings off!  Designer Barbara Hulanicki created not just a store, but a glamorous world that also offered “an experience” and basically invented what we know today as lifestyle marketing.



Aside from makeup, my other true love is music and when the two are paired together to create something fantastic- I’m in heaven.  That’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw this video performance of “Lipstique”.   No real lyrics, just shades of lipstick (my favorite product!) spoken over a hypnotic beat while  various drag performers put on their faces.   The transformations alone are worth watching it for, as this type of application is a special talent all it’s own- but the combination of all the elements together makes it extra fabulous.

Vivacious Violet

It’s no secret that I love purple, which is why Three Custom Color asked me to create the new shade for their violet story.  This was a especially fun for me because I also got to act as creative director for the project in addition to designing the makeup.  One of the goals was to incorporate existing products from this color family while creating something that’s pretty and wearable by real women.  This monochromatic look uses all of my favorite products and is topped it off with the newest one- Vivacious Violet lip gloss.   It’s just like they say,  “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Indeed!

Rudi Gernreich

This photo is from “The Rudi Gernreich Book” and shows some of his 1965 Resort Wear Collection.  Gernreich was known for his fashion forward clothing  which used shapes, colors and non-traditional materials in new and exciting ways.   While it’s filled with many inspiring images of his designs- modeled mostly by his muse, Peggy Moffit- this is one of my favorites due to my love of all things plexiglass.  These ultra fabulous sun visors were made by accessories designer Layne Nielson and were the perfect compliment to Gernreich’s futuristic vision.  Even today, I think these outfits would cause quite a stir on the beach, don’t you?


Revlon 2012

I’ve always loved Revlon products so what better way to start my 2012 posts than with these gorgeous new ads featuring beauties Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.  Not only are the ladies stunning, but the large and colorful product shots are equally captivating.  So often we see them used as an element to the overall image, tucked neatly in a corner or side bar, but on these bright and energetic pages they are also the stars.  The result is fresh, exciting and a wonderful way to start the new year!

Sephora Collection Color Wand for Lips

I don’t think I’m the only woman who carries 5 or 6 lip colors at all times just in case of a mood switch or lighting change.  That’s why I was so excited to see  Sephora Collection’s Limited Edition Color Wand for Lips which has 6 mini lip gloss tubes, some full color and some sheer,  in one “stick” format and each with their own applicator.  I chose the “Blue” version for myself as I lean toward cool pinks, but there is also a  “Yellow” set that has a lovely variety of warm shades.  This concept surely was created by a woman for women who totally understands not only our need for carrying multiple color choices, but also that our bags could use a little tidying up.

Aren’t they ADORABLE?

Kryolan Variety Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had my eye on this Kryolan Variety Eye Shadow palette in “Bright” since I  saw it last May at The Makeup Show and I’ve been waiting patiently for the perfect reason to justify my purchase.  When recently, an opportunity came up to work on an opera, the first thing on my to “do list” was to buy this palette!   I’m so glad I finally did as inside this compact case are 18 highly pigmented and fabulously matte bright shades- perfect for elaborate theatrical makeup as well for edgy fashion looks.


Midoriya Market

Now that vacation is over and I’m back in work mode, I stopped by the Japanese market in my neighborhood, Midoriya, to check out the beauty products.  While the cosmetics section is currently on the smaller side, I definitely found some things I needed.

I couldn’t resist getting these Dolly Wink lashes- how adorable is this package?  These are style #5 which will work for most of my creative projects because they are flirty, but still very natural.  They might seem expensive because of the  “import price”, however you get two pairs in the box.  It only made sense then to throw in a new eyelash curler, right?  I did.

For myself, I picked up a lip balm by Shiseido called “Water in Lip” which, as expected from it’s name, is very moisturizing.  I also had to have the blotting sheets just because the outer package was purple, but inside was a happy surprise.  The sheets are also purple and check out the “disco style” backdrop on the inner flap.  Fabulous!

That’s all I picked up today as it was just a “quickie”, but I made sure to let them know that many makeup artists live in the area and how much we would appreciate it if they could stock some of those fancy Japanese q-tips and super cool 3D fake nails.  Okay, so I was speaking about myself, but I don’t think I’m alone here.

167 N9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211



Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette


I bought this Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette for my own personal makeup stash.  The fact that it has a bit of everything makes it perfect for my upcoming vacation because I never know what kind of mood I’ll be in and this will make packing so much easier!  Living in this lovely purple box are high pigment brights, shimmering neutrals and the darkest matte black which is required for those unexpected rock n’ roll moments.  The quality, as always, is exceptional and at only $55, it’s less than 4 bucks a shade.  FABULOUS!