Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mily Makeup Simply Liners

If you’ve ever been late to a party because you were trying to get that edgy graphic eyeliner perfect, give Mily Makeup‘s Simply Liners a try.  They’re made from a flexible tape that easily bends to the eye shape and they’re also reusable so you can play with placement to get the exact look you want.  Not shown here is the all black set, but- no surprise- I’m partial to this brightly colored collection.

Fashion Illustration In New York

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from “marisaland” as, in addition to my makeup and color work, I also have design and research projects so it’s been a bit hectic. However, I recently picked up an out-of-print copy of “Fashion Illustration in New York” by Pater Sato from 1985 and I immediately had to share.  I’ve always had a passion for this art form and this collection, from a time when illustrations were used in advertising just as much as models, is a true gem.  The image above by Mats Gustavson is one of my favorites, not only because I’m fond of red and purple as a color combination, but the black background has me totally captivated.  Of course, being the makeup junkie I am, I’m also completely smitten with these colorful beauty illustrations.

artist credits from top:  1, 2 &3 by David Croland, 4 & 5 by  Mats Gustavson