Monthly Archives: May 2012

Beauty Flash

It seems zombies are everywhere- in movies, prime time television and sometimes caught walking around in the streets.   They’re even invading my dreams except for there, they look like this 1992 photo taken by makeup artist Stephane Marais, included in his book, “Beauty Flash”.  Made from a compilation of Polaroids he took while at work, it features his fabulous and “over the top” makeup designs and it’s chock full of 90’s Super Models!  This is one of my favorites though, because not only am I a big fan of Kristin McMenamy, but I think she is the perfect choice to pull off such an eery, but yet beautiful look.

Nude Cheeks

We hear about nude lips all the time, but not much attention is given to the nude cheek.  Perhaps that’s because it’s not as dramatic as the former, however having the right shade of nude for the effect you’re after is something that makeup artists deal with constantly.   Sometimes nude can be a more of blush so having some sun or pink is desired.  Other times its purpose is solely to contour the face and create shadow and for this, shades of taupe or brown (depending on the skin tone) are needed.   However, in all the conversations I’ve had with other artists about this topic, we seem to agree that the elusive “perfect nude” would have a little bit of everything, while not leaning too much towards any one of them in  particular.   Sounds like a challenge for me to make one- and I’ll take it!   Stay tuned…

Some of my favorites from my kit