Monthly Archives: January 2012

Vivacious Violet

It’s no secret that I love purple, which is why Three Custom Color asked me to create the new shade for their violet story.  This was a especially fun for me because I also got to act as creative director for the project in addition to designing the makeup.  One of the goals was to incorporate existing products from this color family while creating something that’s pretty and wearable by real women.  This monochromatic look uses all of my favorite products and is topped it off with the newest one- Vivacious Violet lip gloss.   It’s just like they say,  “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Indeed!

Rudi Gernreich

This photo is from “The Rudi Gernreich Book” and shows some of his 1965 Resort Wear Collection.  Gernreich was known for his fashion forward clothing  which used shapes, colors and non-traditional materials in new and exciting ways.   While it’s filled with many inspiring images of his designs- modeled mostly by his muse, Peggy Moffit- this is one of my favorites due to my love of all things plexiglass.  These ultra fabulous sun visors were made by accessories designer Layne Nielson and were the perfect compliment to Gernreich’s futuristic vision.  Even today, I think these outfits would cause quite a stir on the beach, don’t you?


Revlon 2012

I’ve always loved Revlon products so what better way to start my 2012 posts than with these gorgeous new ads featuring beauties Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.  Not only are the ladies stunning, but the large and colorful product shots are equally captivating.  So often we see them used as an element to the overall image, tucked neatly in a corner or side bar, but on these bright and energetic pages they are also the stars.  The result is fresh, exciting and a wonderful way to start the new year!