Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Color of Spring

Last week I had the honor of being guest blogger for the Color Association of the United States and my post was about- what else… lipstick!  It included mention of the legendary Coco Pink, touched on my personal love of hot pink in general and noted my overwhelming joy that luscious blue-pinks are all the rage this Spring. However, since I didn’t get around to mentioning products in this category, I am inspired to follow up now with some fabulous choices.

Nothing says sweet like a pinky cheek that leans to the blue side and shown here are two of my favorites.  “Pink Hyacinth” Watercolor from Three Custom Color has a balmy texture for instant inner glow and Lorac’s Baked Matte Satin Blush in “Flaunt” has just the right amount of silky sheen for a soft and sexy highlight.  For lips, nothing but full intensity works for me and these shades suit my ever changing moods.  From left to right they are “Bora Bora” from Three Custom Color, Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense “36”, Maybelline Color Sensational “Fuchsia Fever” 140 and Sephora’s Lip Attitude in  GO8.   Okay, so that last one is not HOT pink, but it deserves special mention because this lovely “lilac-pink” is one of my absolute favorites. Not just for the color, but also for the juicy texture and it’s the closest I’ll ever  come to wearing nude!

Lipstick Rainbow

I’ve posted about Lime Crime lipsticks before, but I just couldn’t resist doing it again when I saw the Lipstick Rainbow!  This 13 shade set contains an exciting range of colors that include everything from the more wearable nude, red and pink to the more “dare-able”  yellow, blue and mint green.  Personally,  I never say “NO” to a dare and for only $188, why should I?

Eye on Pisces

Today’s my birthday and I had that feeling again- that I needed to make a special color for myself and this time, an eyeshadow to display my proud Piscean nature. I started by creating a deep blue grey and originally wanted  to add some sparkles to get that “magical fish” look I was going for.   The big question was do I choose teal or violet Reflex?  Both are so pretty and each one gave it a such a different look that in the end, I decided I wouldn’t.  This way, I can wear my new shade as a great neutral on its own, and then when the mood hits me (which is almost always), I can just dab whatever color sparkle I’m into that day over the top.  It’s almost like having three new eyeshadows instead of one and that’s an even happier birthday!


Vintage Face

“Vintage Face” by Angela Bjork and Daniela Turudich is one of the best references for doing any type of period makeup research.  It breaks down through the decades specific colors and shades that were popular, products that were used and even includes super cool manicure styles that in fact, we are seeing right now on the runways.  I’m so happy I had the good sense to pick this up years ago at the bookstore for $12.95 because it’s out of print and used copies are being sold online for $125 and up .  Now why don’t I ever have that kind of luck with the lottery?