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I’m fascinated with dolls and have been a collector since I was a child and now, as a makeup artist, they’re a great source of inspiration for me especially when they’re like Blythe.  She was a doll originally created in the 70’s and discontinued after only one year but, thanks to photographer Gina Garan, she’s been resurrected and now has a very big and very fashionable fan club.   I bought this book, “Blythe Style”, in Japan when I was working there on location and never tire of looking at it.  The images inside are wondeful collaborations between Ms. Garan and several designers and could easily rival the editorial layouts of any top magazine.  As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the colorful and magical world of Blythe Theater.  It seems no matter what setting or situation Blythe is in, she always has the right outfit, hair and makeup- she’s just fabulous!

Purple Passion

I love purple and all of its variations and these four eye shadows are my favorite- all equally fabulous and all available at Alcone NYC.  Ben Nye’s Lumiere shadows in Amethyst and Royal Purple are fully pigmented, have a luminescent sheen and are really intense.  Kryolan’s Paradise, while light in color, is by no means your average pastel.  It’s matte but the color has a brightness of its own and is quite unique.  Absolute Purple from Il Makiage, a cult brand for professional makeup artists, is also one of a kind.  Not only does it have the coolest name, but it maintains its color integrity even though its a very deep shade.  I like to use this as an eyeliner – it’s so much more exciting than black or brown.

Anna Sui Fall 2011

This the going to be THE outfit for Fall 2011 and I’m almost willing to skip over summer to have it!  Love the blue and green, love the optic nouveau designs, love the nod to Biba in a thoroughly modern way.
Anna Sui:  A+

(photo by Robert Mitra)

Jason Wu Fall 2011

New York’s Fashion Week for Fall 2011 is well under way and after seeing most of what’s been presented so far- this makeup from Jason Wu’s show is my favorite. In general, I’m a big fan of Diane Kendal and here she’s done it once again by creating a rock n’ roll look that’s also very elegant.  The rich intensity of the blue-black contrasted with gold is a striking combination on the eyes and you just can’t deny the power of bleached eyebrows.

(photo by Kyle Ericksen)

Helen Williams

This photo of Helen Williams is from “Skin Deep: Inside the World of Black Fashion Models”, a fascinating book about the rich history, struggles and achievements of women of color in the fashion industry.  I love how the vivid yellow chiffon looks against her beautiful brown skin and my devotion to white gloved elegance has me completely smitten!  The stunning Ms. Williams began her modeling career back in 1954 and, according to the book, “was the most photographed model of color of her era”.  Interestingly, all of this glamour was created for an ad for feminine hygiene products.  My, how times have changed!


These gorgeous illustrations are only one reason I love “Making Up” by Rex (makeup artist Rex Hilverdink) published in 1986.  While older books might have dated information trend-wise, they offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to corrective techniques- which is really what distinguishes between a good makeup application and an amazing one.  I especially adore “Rex’s Realistic Beauty Rules” because, while I personally don’t believe in rules,  I find these two right up my alley.  Call me old fashioned, but I’ll never understand the notion that you must choose either the eyes or lips as the focus (NEVER!) and of course, anyone who thinks being predictable is a look that “really goes with nothing” is working an attitude I can only admire!