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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Collection

Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary Collection of 24/7 pencils went on an early- access 4 hour sale today and sadly, I missed out.  Working on set doesn’t allow time for shopping online, but as soon as this set goes back on sale in January, it will be mine!  These 24/7 pencils ROCK and while I  have several already, I need them all because nothing beats their “glide-on” texture, amazing color range and most importantly-  staying power.

Angel Face

I love researching vintage hair and makeup looks, especially in product advertisements.  It’s amazing to see how packaging has evolved, the trends and gimmicks that were popular at one time, and also to see how colors reappear in cycles just like the rest of fashion.

This 1960’s ad for Pond’s Angel Face cosmetics has two really interesting things going on.   Mainly, that the ad suggests a woman should change her complexion to go with her outfit.   Second, in the microscopic copy, it says that this is the “only compact makeup with cosmetic silicones”- fascinating!  Nowadays we are used to silicone being in almost everything, but this was 50 years ago!

Linda Mason

Legendary in the industry for her creative use of color, Linda Mason was one of the first makeup artists to translate abstract art into fashion makeup.  While this technique has become something we are used to in recent years, this was groundbreaking back in the late 70’s and 80’s when she was collaborating with fashion designers like Thierry Mugler, John Paul Gaultier, Comme  Des Garconnes and  France Andrevie.  They all created clothing that was boundless, avant garde and, at times, surreal, and Linda knew that traditional makeup would just not work.

In  her book  “Makeup: The Art of Beauty”, all the topics a makeup artist should know are covered,  but “Chapter 4: Freestyle Makeup” is by far my favorite.  I just love how her vibrant style of painting with color and texture works on both canvas and human forms and both are equally captivating.

If you are in New York City, treat yourself by stopping by her Soho shop, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason-  it’s beyond  inspiring!

Glass Candy

I love Glass Candy for so many reasons.  Ida No’s haunting vocals, Johnny Jewel’s distorted disco keyboards, their retro-colorful imagery and their love of cats make them the total package (I didn’t make that up, check out their myspace photos!).  They also have a devoted and stylish fan base filled with energy that make their live shows all the more fun.  The next Glass Candy appearance in New York City will be at Webster Hall on January 14, 2011 and I’ll be there!

Welcome to Marisaland!

Marisaland has been the name of my website since it was first created and it’s only now, with the addition of this blog, that the true meaning is realized.  It’s the word I’ve always used to describe where I’m coming from, the world as I see it and the elements that make me tick.  Wanting to share these things is what finally made me enter the blogosphere, so I hope you enjoy this “peek inside”.  Here, you can look forward to reading about all my favorites and anything else that strikes my fancy.   The timing also couldn’t be better, as today celebrates the launch of   “Party All The Time”,  the holiday eyeshadow I created for Three Custom Color Specialists.  This shade was designed for the girl that needs to move easily from day into night, from work into party-  and that’s something we take very seriously here in Marisaland.  Welcome!

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