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Issey Miyake

I’m in the process of writing a research paper on Issey Miyake and so excited that my first stop for information is my very own library and a book by Mark Holborn on this innovative designer.   The bright colors and the blurred focus of this photo make it my favorite of the of the “Flying Saucer” dress from the Spring/Summer 1994 collection.   In its unworn state, it looked somewhat like a flattened lantern and artfully fit over the body like a slinky.

Nude Cheeks

We hear about nude lips all the time, but not much attention is given to the nude cheek.  Perhaps that’s because it’s not as dramatic as the former, however having the right shade of nude for the effect you’re after is something that makeup artists deal with constantly.   Sometimes nude can be a more of blush so having some sun or pink is desired.  Other times its purpose is solely to contour the face and create shadow and for this, shades of taupe or brown (depending on the skin tone) are needed.   However, in all the conversations I’ve had with other artists about this topic, we seem to agree that the elusive “perfect nude” would have a little bit of everything, while not leaning too much towards any one of them in  particular.   Sounds like a challenge for me to make one- and I’ll take it!   Stay tuned…

Some of my favorites from my kit



Rainbow Room

I have dreams about being in this place all the time.  Biba’s Rainbow Room restaurant and nightclub was a hangout for rock stars and other cool types back in the 70’s.  This multicolor ceiling set the mood for hundreds of nights of fabulosity and I long to step into a time machine for just one of them.  If you don’t already own a book about the legendary Biba store, you must get one immediately because the images will knock your fishnet stockings off!  Designer Barbara Hulanicki created not just a store, but a glamorous world that also offered “an experience” and basically invented what we know today as lifestyle marketing.

Rudi Gernreich

This photo is from “The Rudi Gernreich Book” and shows some of his 1965 Resort Wear Collection.  Gernreich was known for his fashion forward clothing  which used shapes, colors and non-traditional materials in new and exciting ways.   While it’s filled with many inspiring images of his designs- modeled mostly by his muse, Peggy Moffit- this is one of my favorites due to my love of all things plexiglass.  These ultra fabulous sun visors were made by accessories designer Layne Nielson and were the perfect compliment to Gernreich’s futuristic vision.  Even today, I think these outfits would cause quite a stir on the beach, don’t you?


Revlon 2012

I’ve always loved Revlon products so what better way to start my 2012 posts than with these gorgeous new ads featuring beauties Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.  Not only are the ladies stunning, but the large and colorful product shots are equally captivating.  So often we see them used as an element to the overall image, tucked neatly in a corner or side bar, but on these bright and energetic pages they are also the stars.  The result is fresh, exciting and a wonderful way to start the new year!

Kryolan Variety Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve had my eye on this Kryolan Variety Eye Shadow palette in “Bright” since I  saw it last May at The Makeup Show and I’ve been waiting patiently for the perfect reason to justify my purchase.  When recently, an opportunity came up to work on an opera, the first thing on my to “do list” was to buy this palette!   I’m so glad I finally did as inside this compact case are 18 highly pigmented and fabulously matte bright shades- perfect for elaborate theatrical makeup as well for edgy fashion looks.


Color: A Natural History of the Palette

Victoria Finlay’s “Color: A Natural History of the Palette” is an amazing book and it not only changed the way I look at color visually, but how I value it both in a literal and spiritual sense.  It’s  truly difficult to imagine that in our modern world filled with technology, where we can create almost anything with a computer, that we cannot always make or reproduce some colors.  That’s where this book begins- with the realization of that moment by a curious little girl.

When she was only 8 years old, Ms. Finlay was on a trip with her father visiting an old cathedral.  While he is telling her about the stained glass windows being made 800 years ago, he also says,  “and today we don’t know how to make that blue.” That shocking moment stayed with her until years later, still curious, she decided to explore places like Australia, Chile, Mexico and Afghanistan to find out where color really comes from.   What she learns and shares is beyond fascinating and  like I said- you will never look at color the same way again.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are usually just a technical need in the art of hairstyling, but I prefer to make them decorative.  Any time I’m passing by a 99 cent store, I pop in because they often have some in various colors and on a really lucky day, with sparkles!  The key is to use as many pins as possible so there is no mistake that they’re a fashion accessory.  Depending on my mood, sometimes I go with all one color, other times I mix it up.  However, for more chic moments, I like all white pins for their severe contrast against my jet back hair.

Lipstick Rainbow

I’ve posted about Lime Crime lipsticks before, but I just couldn’t resist doing it again when I saw the Lipstick Rainbow!  This 13 shade set contains an exciting range of colors that include everything from the more wearable nude, red and pink to the more “dare-able”  yellow, blue and mint green.  Personally,  I never say “NO” to a dare and for only $188, why should I?

Eye on Pisces

Today’s my birthday and I had that feeling again- that I needed to make a special color for myself and this time, an eyeshadow to display my proud Piscean nature. I started by creating a deep blue grey and originally wanted  to add some sparkles to get that “magical fish” look I was going for.   The big question was do I choose teal or violet Reflex?  Both are so pretty and each one gave it a such a different look that in the end, I decided I wouldn’t.  This way, I can wear my new shade as a great neutral on its own, and then when the mood hits me (which is almost always), I can just dab whatever color sparkle I’m into that day over the top.  It’s almost like having three new eyeshadows instead of one and that’s an even happier birthday!