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Makeup Flower

One of my favorite things about beauty stories in magazines is the images of  slices, smears, drips and blobs of the makeup shades that are often included in the spread.  I love seeing the all various textures before my eyes, beckoning me to reach out and touch them.  And when a magical glimmer of sparkle shines through, it’s just like heaven.

“Makeup Flower” made using MAC Paint Sticks, Kryolan SupraColor UV Cream and glitter.


Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are usually just a technical need in the art of hairstyling, but I prefer to make them decorative.  Any time I’m passing by a 99 cent store, I pop in because they often have some in various colors and on a really lucky day, with sparkles!  The key is to use as many pins as possible so there is no mistake that they’re a fashion accessory.  Depending on my mood, sometimes I go with all one color, other times I mix it up.  However, for more chic moments, I like all white pins for their severe contrast against my jet back hair.

Eye on Pisces

Today’s my birthday and I had that feeling again- that I needed to make a special color for myself and this time, an eyeshadow to display my proud Piscean nature. I started by creating a deep blue grey and originally wanted  to add some sparkles to get that “magical fish” look I was going for.   The big question was do I choose teal or violet Reflex?  Both are so pretty and each one gave it a such a different look that in the end, I decided I wouldn’t.  This way, I can wear my new shade as a great neutral on its own, and then when the mood hits me (which is almost always), I can just dab whatever color sparkle I’m into that day over the top.  It’s almost like having three new eyeshadows instead of one and that’s an even happier birthday!