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Livin’ Thing

The Electric Light Orchestra was famous during the 70’s and 80’s and was very a unique band.  They created a new sound all their own by combining the grandness of the cello and multi-vocal harmonies with contemporary themes and lyrics.  I recently stumbled onto this 1977 performance of “Livin’ Thing” from the American Music Awards and fell instantly in love with the rainbow triangle stage as well as each members’ colorful outfits.  I also love the way the camera moves, making use of the different stripes and angles in the background. In fact, I think I’ve been hypnotized.

1922 Kodachrome Film Test

It’s been about 6 months since my last post because lots of new and exciting things have taken hold of my free (aka Blog) time. One of them being the pursuit of a marketing degree to balance my creative side with some official business chops. As you can imagine, school in addition to being a makeup artist doesn’t leave a lot extra hours in the day, but I had to make some time this morning for this video from Kodak. It’s as screen test for Kodachrome film shot in 1922. After only seeing moving images from this era in black and white, this color footage is pure magic! 

It seems the film itself didn’t actually capture the colors at the time of shooting, but was a complex process to achieve the lovely color palette we see here.  To read more fascinating and detailed information about this video, check out Kodak’s blog post.

Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup

I just placed an order for the most fabulous book!  “Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup” by Gabriela Hernandez is not only filled with photographs of famous starlets in glamorous looks, but also includes images of vintage cosmetics and the color palettes that were popular by era.  Ms. Hernandez is a makeup artist and cosmetics historian who did lots of research for her own makeup line called Besame Cosmetics,  which was inspired by vintage products from the 40’s, and now she is sharing it with all of us.   Thank you Gabriela!

Feather Lashes

These photos are from one of my favorite books in my collection, “Disco Chic: All the Styles, Steps and Places to Go” published in 1979.  Inside is a treasure of top tips for the right clothing to wear, the right dance moves to make and best of all- a whole chapter on makeup.  Not only are there instructions for highlighting and contouring (very important for this era), but also included are fun fantasy  ideas.  I love these feather lash looks from 33 years ago because back then, one had to buy feathers and glue them on individually whereas today, ready-made versions are available everywhere.

Rainbow Room

I have dreams about being in this place all the time.  Biba’s Rainbow Room restaurant and nightclub was a hangout for rock stars and other cool types back in the 70’s.  This multicolor ceiling set the mood for hundreds of nights of fabulosity and I long to step into a time machine for just one of them.  If you don’t already own a book about the legendary Biba store, you must get one immediately because the images will knock your fishnet stockings off!  Designer Barbara Hulanicki created not just a store, but a glamorous world that also offered “an experience” and basically invented what we know today as lifestyle marketing.

Totally Awesome 80’s

Looking through my home library is hours of fun no matter what I’m researching, but there’s no doubt  I’m partial to the 80’s and “winged” eyeshadow.   Extending color past the natural lid is a great way to add drama to your eyes so why not try it for your next party?  Shown here are photos from “The Complete Beauty Book” published in 1985, which means there’s no shortage of over-the-top makeup ideas inside.

By the way, I also must confess my undying love for “press-on nails” because to me, they are just the same as putting on a pair of heels or lashes.  My heart broke when Revlon discontinued theirs because they had the best, and although they still make “glue-on’s”,  I just can’t be bothered dealing with nail glue and I also haven’t found any others I like as much.  So, instead, I’m waiting patiently for someone to introduce new and improved versions which will hopefully include stylish oval tips and, if my inside sources are correct, it won’t be long!

Chanel Summer 2011 Collection

If I could have one wish this year, it would be to look just like this ad for Chanel’s Summer 2011 makeup collection.   I must have this most perfect shade of pink accented here by a pop of yellow and framed in the dreamiest of blues.  Oh- and the flawless face, sultry windblown hair,  stunning green eyes and luscious lips wouldn’t hurt either.  Simply gorgeous.


I’m fascinated with dolls and have been a collector since I was a child and now, as a makeup artist, they’re a great source of inspiration for me especially when they’re like Blythe.  She was a doll originally created in the 70’s and discontinued after only one year but, thanks to photographer Gina Garan, she’s been resurrected and now has a very big and very fashionable fan club.   I bought this book, “Blythe Style”, in Japan when I was working there on location and never tire of looking at it.  The images inside are wondeful collaborations between Ms. Garan and several designers and could easily rival the editorial layouts of any top magazine.  As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also the colorful and magical world of Blythe Theater.  It seems no matter what setting or situation Blythe is in, she always has the right outfit, hair and makeup- she’s just fabulous!