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Bdellium Brushes

I was recently at  The Makeup Show in NYC and with so many new brands and vendors there, I tried hard to stay focused and only get what I really needed. Most importantly, I told myself, “Do NOT buy any makeup brushes” as an inventory last week yielded a count of 305.  However, once I layed eyes on these adorable Green Bambu brushes from bdellium, I just couldnt resist.  Not only are they green in color, but also in the eco-sense as the handles are sustainable bamboo and the hair is an ultra soft synthetic which means they’re vegan and cruelty free.  However, it’s the various shapes and sizes that really made me want them because they’re perfect for blending and shading seamlessly.

Anna Sui Fall 2011

This the going to be THE outfit for Fall 2011 and I’m almost willing to skip over summer to have it!  Love the blue and green, love the optic nouveau designs, love the nod to Biba in a thoroughly modern way.
Anna Sui:  A+

(photo by Robert Mitra)