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The Nakeds – Sliver

Ultima ll’s “The Nakeds” is noted as one of the most groundbreaking color collections in cosmetics history, due to its inclusion of a full range of skin tones and the shades that naturally complement them.  Designed by Kevyn Aucoin in the 80’s, it’s also been credited with influencing many of the makeup lines that followed in the 90’s and who expanded further on this color concept.

The Nakeds- Sliver was a promotional item given as a gift with purchase and is only the size of a credit card.  It holds a small amount of four shades from the collection:

  • Lipchrome #4
  • Cheek Color #5
  • Eyecolor #3
  • Eyecolor #5

The Sliver also has a sponge tip applicator tucked neatly into a slot in the card and a mirror for on-the-go touch ups.  I found this adorable gem tucked away in my mother’s vanity and you can imagine how my heart fluttered upon seeing it.  Still untouched and unused,  it waited ever so patiently for me to find it, take it away and make it part of my treasured archives.

Vintage Packaging Themes

I love vintage packaging so when, on my most recent visit to the archives,  I noticed some similar themes happening, was inspired to group them together and take some photos.







Vintage Face

“Vintage Face” by Angela Bjork and Daniela Turudich is one of the best references for doing any type of period makeup research.  It breaks down through the decades specific colors and shades that were popular, products that were used and even includes super cool manicure styles that in fact, we are seeing right now on the runways.  I’m so happy I had the good sense to pick this up years ago at the bookstore for $12.95 because it’s out of print and used copies are being sold online for $125 and up .  Now why don’t I ever have that kind of luck with the lottery?

Helen Williams

This photo of Helen Williams is from “Skin Deep: Inside the World of Black Fashion Models”, a fascinating book about the rich history, struggles and achievements of women of color in the fashion industry.  I love how the vivid yellow chiffon looks against her beautiful brown skin and my devotion to white gloved elegance has me completely smitten!  The stunning Ms. Williams began her modeling career back in 1954 and, according to the book, “was the most photographed model of color of her era”.  Interestingly, all of this glamour was created for an ad for feminine hygiene products.  My, how times have changed!

Angel Face

I love researching vintage hair and makeup looks, especially in product advertisements.  It’s amazing to see how packaging has evolved, the trends and gimmicks that were popular at one time, and also to see how colors reappear in cycles just like the rest of fashion.

This 1960’s ad for Pond’s Angel Face cosmetics has two really interesting things going on.   Mainly, that the ad suggests a woman should change her complexion to go with her outfit.   Second, in the microscopic copy, it says that this is the “only compact makeup with cosmetic silicones”- fascinating!  Nowadays we are used to silicone being in almost everything, but this was 50 years ago!