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These gorgeous illustrations are only one reason I love “Making Up” by Rex (makeup artist Rex Hilverdink) published in 1986.  While older books might have dated information trend-wise, they offer a wealth of knowledge when it comes to corrective techniques- which is really what distinguishes between a good makeup application and an amazing one.  I especially adore “Rex’s Realistic Beauty Rules” because, while I personally don’t believe in rules,  I find these two right up my alley.  Call me old fashioned, but I’ll never understand the notion that you must choose either the eyes or lips as the focus (NEVER!) and of course, anyone who thinks being predictable is a look that “really goes with nothing” is working an attitude I can only admire!

Serge Lutens

Our beauty ideals are formed at a very young age and the art of Serge Lutens most certainly had an impact on me.  I spent countless hours trying to look like the beautiful and mysterious women he created, styled and photographed for his legendary Shiseido ads.

The photo shown here is one of my favorites from the book “Serge Lutens” published in 2000- and  yes, I still wish I could look this moody, glamorous and sparkly everyday!  This fabulously over-sized  book shows his work spanning from the 60’s through the 90’s and throughout, his concept of beauty remains constant: theatrically pale skin, dramatic eyes, strong lips, compelling shapes and surreal atmospheres.  It’s no wonder he’s had such an amazing career  that includes hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer, film maker as well as creative director for Christian Dior, Shiseido and his own luxurious line of cosmetics and perfumes.

Linda Mason

Legendary in the industry for her creative use of color, Linda Mason was one of the first makeup artists to translate abstract art into fashion makeup.  While this technique has become something we are used to in recent years, this was groundbreaking back in the late 70’s and 80’s when she was collaborating with fashion designers like Thierry Mugler, John Paul Gaultier, Comme  Des Garconnes and  France Andrevie.  They all created clothing that was boundless, avant garde and, at times, surreal, and Linda knew that traditional makeup would just not work.

In  her book  “Makeup: The Art of Beauty”, all the topics a makeup artist should know are covered,  but “Chapter 4: Freestyle Makeup” is by far my favorite.  I just love how her vibrant style of painting with color and texture works on both canvas and human forms and both are equally captivating.

If you are in New York City, treat yourself by stopping by her Soho shop, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason-  it’s beyond  inspiring!