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Livin’ Thing

The Electric Light Orchestra was famous during the 70’s and 80’s and was very a unique band.  They created a new sound all their own by combining the grandness of the cello and multi-vocal harmonies with contemporary themes and lyrics.  I recently stumbled onto this 1977 performance of “Livin’ Thing” from the American Music Awards and fell instantly in love with the rainbow triangle stage as well as each members’ colorful outfits.  I also love the way the camera moves, making use of the different stripes and angles in the background. In fact, I think I’ve been hypnotized.


Aside from makeup, my other true love is music and when the two are paired together to create something fantastic- I’m in heaven.  That’s exactly how I felt the first time I saw this video performance of “Lipstique”.   No real lyrics, just shades of lipstick (my favorite product!) spoken over a hypnotic beat while  various drag performers put on their faces.   The transformations alone are worth watching it for, as this type of application is a special talent all it’s own- but the combination of all the elements together makes it extra fabulous.

Glass Candy

I love Glass Candy for so many reasons.  Ida No’s haunting vocals, Johnny Jewel’s distorted disco keyboards, their retro-colorful imagery and their love of cats make them the total package (I didn’t make that up, check out their myspace photos!).  They also have a devoted and stylish fan base filled with energy that make their live shows all the more fun.  The next Glass Candy appearance in New York City will be at Webster Hall on January 14, 2011 and I’ll be there!